1.A clear vision for the team
2.Acceptance of correct way of doing things
3.A desire among the team members to be in control
4.A determination to succeed
5.The belief by members that they are valued
6.Sharing of best practices
7.A friendly atmosphere
8.A stimulating work environment
9.Anticipation of future consequences
10.Critical thinking
11.The feeling among the team that they are liked
12.Open dissemination of information within the team
13.Appreciation for each team member’s unique qualities
14.Adherence to accepted procedures
15.Excitement about the work
16.Willingness to re-assess how the work is done
17.A sense of mission
18.A desire to demand the best from oneself
19.A feeling of self-worth by each team member
20.Compliance with rules and regulations
21.Assertive behavior on the part of team members
22.Enjoyment of the work
23.Inspired commitment to long-term goals
24.Willingness to give practical support to other team members
25.Sensitivity toward the feeling of others
26.A warm, collegial atmosphere
27.Recognition of the importance of innovation
28.Awareness of the team’s strategic purpose
29.Enthusiasm among the team
30.Willingness to follow routines
31.Voluntary sharing of resources
32.A passion for what the team does
33.Expression of emotional support for others
34.Openness to new ideas
35.Eagerness to challenge bureaucracy
36.Sharing of best practices
37.Caring for other team members
38.A belief in following established practices
39.A sense of in team members that they are appreciated as people
40.Pleasure in mastering problems

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