Program Overview

Colonel Randy Watt Describes the Program’s Value

The Institute for Credible Leadership Development is an established 21st Century Educational Innovation Hub that has been tested with over 21,000 officers nationwide. This proven model of career-long reliable education enhances the professionalism of law enforcement officers while it develops the character and sharpens the skills of the guardian-servant who leads with compassion, ethical decision-making, emotional intelligence and moral courage. It is:

  • Proven – The curriculum has been scientifically developed and tested for five years.
  • Accessible – Anywhere there is an Internet connection an officer can learn.
  • Continuous – Professional Education and development continues throughout an officer’s career from ‘hire to retire.’
  • Affordable – It is delivered reliably, confidently and at a fraction of traditional training.
  • Effective – Agencies with Credible Leadership academies build mutual trust in the communities they serve.
  • Compatible – The project fills the void of leadership education that now exists between basic and senior staff leadership training.
  • Sustainable – A Credible Leadership Academy is organic and is continuously customizable to the needs of the agency as it evolves.

This is a forward-thinking solution to today’s policing demands which develops the individual who improves the organization that improves the community.  The ICLD Credible Leadership curriculum educates officers for the new era in policing.


If not us, then who?
If not now, then when?

Colonel Ted Spain

Lt. Darius Bone

Lt. Brian Ellis

Program Impact

What Do They Say?

Case Study

“Striving for Educational Excellence in Law Enforcement Leadership: The Case of Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office” ~ We live and work in an age when law enforcement challenges are immense. Society as a whole has the expectation that law enforcement professionals will perform their duties in a manner that is impartial, just, and empathetic to the social economic barriers that grip this nation. Further, the transparency of the digital era places all events under the scrutiny of media critics, the eyes of the community, and virtually anyone who has access to the Internet.  It is within this context we ask: Is the old adage “Protect and Serve” enough if police agencies wish to provide the best service possible for the public good?

Although we support the underpinnings of what it means for police agencies to ‘protect and serve”, in this article we argue that ‘protect and serve” is much more than what is commonly practiced among law enforcement today. If a law enforcement agency is simply satisfied with protecting and serving and not concerned with the manner in which they accomplish this task, they are undoubtedly doing their citizens, community and nation an immeasurable disservice.  Read more 

Program Impact

The participants complete an in-depth journey by addressing relevant topics and proven theories. This allows you to practice and master concepts and skills designed to promote organizational excellence and positive community outcomes. Law enforcement agencies who have implemented Credible Leadership and have completed Phases I and II, have reported nine positive outcomes from their staff:

  • Reduction in citizen complaints.
  • Increased capacity in character building behaviors.
  • Increased accountability and responsibility.
  • Increased personnel engagement and job satisfaction.
  • Improved personal self-awareness and decision-making.
  • Improved integrity of personal and professional conduct.
  • Enhanced personnel civic mindedness and involvement in the community.
  • Increased cross-cultural awareness, understanding and tolerance.
  • Increased ability to develop partnerships with community representatives.

Key Performance Indicators